7 Attractions Paris

7 Attractions You Must Visit When You Go To Paris – Paris is famous for its beautiful cities and is dubbed as the most romantic country in the world. Naturally, people who want to travel abroad make paris a list of their destinations.
Not only 1 or 2 spots just beautiful places in this country, but so many of the best places that must be visited.

7 Attractions You Must Visit When You Go To Paris

Quoting from several articles, here is a list of the best places in Paris that must be visited if you want a vacation to a country located on the continent of Europe.

  • Eiffel Tower

Who doesn’t know this tall, towering Eiffel Tower? became the first object that must be visited, obviously this tower is very beautiful and magnificent even more beautiful if the night is welcome. This icon from the city of Paris is always visited by both local and foreign tourists. Not infrequently the Eiffel tower is the object of cool photos for those who just want to take pictures or even those who hold preweding. Anyone who goes to Paris will definitely take a picture here. And it’s not official if you go to Paris to not visit this beautiful place.

  • Shadowland

Is a beautiful underground tunnel filled with beautiful paintings makes this tunnel different from tunnels in general. Not only that in this tunnel there is also a collection of items from the Second World War.

  • Disneyland Paris

For travelers who invite families and are dominated by children, must visit this Disney rides. With a variety of interesting games and epic places, it will definitely give the impression of a family vacation.

  • Noted Dame cathedral

Having a building with a neat architecture, this Catholic religious place is always crowded with tourists. Full of history of course this building is also a symbol of the city of Paris itself. Indeed, this cathedral had experienced a fire and had to be done on a massive renovation.

  • Lovre Museum

Of course this mesuem is no less beautiful and fascinating that must also be visited to increase knowledge of books and history. Right on the edge of the river Seine almost 35,000 historical objects are in this place and built in an area of ​​approximately 60,600 square meters. So you can imagine how big this museum is jackpot poker online.

  • Verdon Gorge

Not only romantic places, but natural beauty such as lakes and waterfalls are also found in this city. But Verdon Gorge is a special cliff for those who love to drive adrenaline. Although the location is rather difficult to travel, still this tourist spot is never empty of visitors.

  • Hidden Village

As the name implies, Hidden Village can be meant as a hidden village. This place is very suitable for tourists who love to look for spots or interesting photo objects. This village is right on the green hills. The visitors will be amazed by the beautiful scenery of this village.

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